Chancellor Report


Chancellor Report

Yes, I'm still here, keeping the scene alive. :P

Twelve more days of relative freedom for me before I ship out to Lackland for six weeks of fine military training that will mold me into a concentrated killing machine for the US Air Force. On a personal note, this Air Force kick will probably not last that long since I've been accosted by the Army and offered a much better deal than the Air Force ever provided. But I digress. :P

I'm still approving awards for my last few days as Chancellor, but not much else. Let's face it, I have a bit more on my mind right now than overseeing rewarding valuble Dark Brotherhood members. Sorry, guys. :P

Anyway, it is my sincere hope that my replacement will be selected in a few days, and I can move on with a bit of real life activity.

So, in closing stay warm, stay healthy and Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.


Archpriest Knight Camile

Chancellor of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

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