Emissary Report


Emissary Report


They say things come in 3's... but when ya hit in 63's, ya just have to step back for a while and take time out to wonder WTF is going on, before ya in a position to sort ya life out.

Luckily for me RL things have settled down. Women, Debts and Death Threats are not the best of combinations :P All is cool now tho :))

Congratulations to Kaiann on his Promotion to Pontifex and Mejas Doto on his to Dark Jedi Master!

Also congrats to Kir Katarn the new Taldryan Consul and Gord Darkonian the new CSK Consul!

For those of you who have heard the rumours.....

Yes I was an Intel Agent, Yes I was helping the EH and now am no longer part of the EH. I'm not an agent anymore and would appreciate your efforts to kill the back chat. The DJB doesn't need idle rumour and dissent in the ranks. While it was true... it isn't anymore and needs to be stopped.

I have served the Brotherhood for 4 years, 2 years as a Consul, with what I'd like to think as an exceptional level of service. I squashed revolts and attempted defections, built up a clan from relatively low activity to the highest in the club.

I know I made a mistake, I've been a fool. But I have accounted for my error and wish to move on and continue my work as Emissary. I want to apologise to you all for what I did. I'm sorry. FF and Jac have given me a second chance to redeem myself and have the upmost faith in me to do so.

I trust in you all to rise above this and help me to continue where I once left off.

In Darkness

DA Drako

Da Emissary</bow>

Bah, told you that girl was a bad idea! tsk's at Drako ;)

Having 2 illegally springed Air Pistols and a 12" blade pulled out on ya ain't the nicest thing in the world:P Life goes on tho...

So you're saying the death threats have stopped? Well I'll have to talk to my contacts to get them started back up again right away! Sit tight, man, we'll be back on you soon! :P

Sounds good to me :)

Sounds good to me :)

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