ACC: 36 is not enough!


ACC: 36 is not enough!

Hey Folks,

The ACC is working through our BETA and 36 members have re-qualified for the Society. I encourage everyone to work through the two Shadow Academy Courses (The Fundamentals Course is usually graded within an hour, the Qualification Course within 12 Hours).

The ACC will (<---!!!!!) be a part of the GJW and upcoming Dark Crusade epilogue events. Qualify and get some practice before your matches count!

Target: 50 by next weekend.

Bonus The Independent Unit with the most members qualified at our Target number of 50 will be able to submit a Clan venue that will be active at the official launch of the ACC (I define most as % of qualified against total membership).


The DC should count as an independent unit... :P

The Main Body is doing pretty well on qualifications, Kalen just passed. :p

Qualify ALL the things!

Will be doing this tonight. Been looking forward to the ACC coming back. Thanks to everyone's long hard work!

Qualified! (Even if my scores were awful ;)

Also this is late but.

36? 36 dicks!???

Update: Great work everyone. We are at 46 members qualified. We'd like to see 50 today!


Howwie was our 50th to qualify!

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