News for 1/2013

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Date Title Author Context
01/23/2013 Arcona Consul & Proconsul Report Warlord Wuntila Zratis Entar Arconae Unknown
01/23/2013 Consul Report Warlord Wuntila Zratis Entar Arconae Consul (Arcona)
01/23/2013 Sith Commander Report Battlelord Araxis Farron Battleteam Leader (Red Moon)
01/22/2013 Order 66 - Executed Master Darth Aeternus Unknown
01/21/2013 Justicar Report Adept Taigikori Aybara Dupar Justicar (Chamber of Justice)
01/20/2013 Proconsul Report Adept Atra Ventus Proconsul (Naga Sadow)
01/20/2013 Herald Report Master Shikyo Keibatsu Herald (Dark Council)
01/19/2013 Apply for Professor of General Studies Augur Windos Unknown
01/19/2013 Obelisk Sergeant Report Warlord Shi Kensei Battleteam Leader (Shadow Gate)
01/17/2013 Beta site now sending e-mails Prophet James Lucius Entar Unknown
01/16/2013 New Left Hand of Justice announced Adept Taigikori Aybara Dupar Unknown
01/15/2013 Dark Crusade Run-On: Phase II Grand Master Declan Roark Unknown
01/15/2013 Rollmaster Report Seer Eiko Rollmaster (Plagueis)
01/14/2013 Order 66 - One more week! Master Darth Aeternus Unknown
01/14/2013 Sith Commander Report Battlelord Alexis Karant Battleteam Leader (Wardens)
01/14/2013 Obelisk Sergeant Report Eminent Val Cole Battleteam Leader (Dark Forge)
01/13/2013 Combat Master Report Master Aidan Kincaid Combat Master (Society Leaders)
01/13/2013 Dark Crusade Run-On Grand Master Declan Roark Unknown
01/11/2013 Aedile Report Augur Cethgus Tiberius Entar Aedile (Galeres)
01/09/2013 Voice of the Brotherhood Report Grand Master Declan Roark Voice of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)