News for 7/2023

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07/28/2023 Voice Report #15 - The One Where Preferred Forms Abound Lord Idris Adenn Voice of the Brotherhood (The Council)
07/25/2023 A Changing of the Guard Adept Thran Occasus-Palpatine Proconsul (Scholae Palatinae)
07/22/2023 Taldryan Report #2.75: Changing of the Guard Supreme Chancellor Cassandra Oriana Tyris Consul (Taldryan)
07/17/2023 Exarch Report 08: An Exarch is Never Late Exarch Marick Tyris Arconae Exarch (Society Leaders)
07/12/2023 Consul Report July 2023 Mandalorian Korvis Manda'vod Consul (Vizsla)
07/10/2023 [Pro Bowl VII: Week One] Hang Glider Competition Adjustment Mandalorian Korvis Manda'vod Consul (Vizsla)
07/09/2023 Build It And They Will Come Results Lord Idris Adenn Voice of the Brotherhood (The Council)
07/09/2023 Arcona: I Wanted To Make a July Pun But I Already Did That Qyreia Arronen Consul (Arcona)
07/09/2023 Pro Bowl VII: Team Rosters Master Selika Roh di Plagia Consul (Plagueis)
07/05/2023 Fist Supplemental Report - Diablo 4 Added As A Supported Platform! Champion Rajhin Cindertail Fist of the Brotherhood (The Council)
07/05/2023 Galeres July 2023: Ekkar and Ubaba Completed! Jael Valsi Chi'ra Quaestor (Galeres)
07/04/2023 Clan Odan-Urr Report #26 High Councillor Revak K'Urr Consul (Odan-Urr)
07/03/2023 [HQD Summit Report]: Pro(lektariat) Bowl Quaestrix Tali Sroka Quaestor (Qel-Droma)
07/02/2023 Pro Bowl VII: The Final Countdown Master Selika Roh di Plagia Consul (Plagueis)
07/01/2023 PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #15 Darth Renatus Justicar (Chamber of Justice)