Between Light and Dark Results!


Between Light and Dark Results!

Greetings all,

The Feud between Clan Odan Urr and Clan Plagueis, Between Light and Dark, has just completed! Both Clans fought hard, and the battle was extremely close, with both units trading impressive victories across both phases of solo events...



Through two phases, our competing units were essentially deadlocked with only a mere forty points separating them! It came down to Feud-long team events, Multimedia and Battleplan...


As the dust settled, it was clear only one unit could claim victory here...


The overall results show a slim but impressive victory for Clan Plagueis...


As Plagueis returns to the Anchorage to celebrate their triumphant victory, they will be accompanied by a NPC Character Sheet they designed during the Feud, and a shiny new artifact they will discuss with the Herald. Congratulations, Plagueis!

To the Jedi of Odan-Urr, you fought valiantly and well. You deeply impressed the Dark Council, in going toe-to-toe with such skilled and worthy opponent as Clan Plagueis!

Though our grading has completed, we are still sorting out the exact placement of the individuals on the leaderboard. So as the Undesirable slaves captured by the Sith of Plagueis finish their calculations, I would like to personally congratulate every member of Odan-Urr and Plagueis for an exceptional effort and suggest everyone had on over to the subcompetitions to check out the individual results! Congratulates to all of you and thank you for making this such a successful event with your strong participation!

And finally, I would like to say to the summits of both of these great units that you both did a tremendous job in motivating your members and in designing an excellent event that will no doubt serve as an example for the rest of the Brotherhood. Thank you all, as well!

With that, congratulations once more to Clan Plagueis, and we look forward to the final leaderboard standings in the coming days!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Deputy Grand Master

Feud well done to both sides! Fantastic to see the amazing partcipation from members of the club as a whole.

Good effort on both sides. Congratulations to Plagueis - we'll just have to get you next time!

It was a fun time, thanks for playing with us and Congrats on the win Plagueis

well fought, and congratulations, Plagueis!

Good fun. Thanks Team COU!

This was a great event with a great turn out. Honestly a huge congratulations to everyone involved. It was fun! :D

Congratulations to everyone involved for an impressive turnout and a very close result!

Well done to everyone. goes to pay off his bookie

Thanks to the folks over in COU for helping us run such a great event, and for the DC, specifically the Mav, for making it all possible!

great job to everyone, hard fought, victories to the victor, shinies to the golems. hear hear!

Why did I score a -3 on two different comps? Both were for the entire DJB. I sent an email to the people doing the comp about the pirates junk issue, but crack the code? I did it faster than others and still didn't rate. Is this considered normal?

Nevermind, I have been informed that its because I am not in either clan. The "entire DJB" is just a setting so the parties involved can play. I did not know this. Apologies.

Sorry for the confusion there, Firith'rar, and I'm glad that's been sorted. :-)

Congrats to Plagueis on their hard fought win and to all who participated. There were some high quality entries on both sides and excellent sportsmanship all around. Special thanks to Teylas, Slags, A'lora and Mav for helping make this all possible.

Thank you for the feud, it was a lot of fun~

Congrats Plagueis for your well fought victory and thank you the Summits and DC for a thoroughly enjoyable Feud!

Thanks for the stiff competition, Plagueis, and congratulations on your well-earned victory! I look forward to a rematch one day.

I'll get you next time, Gadget!

War. War never changes

Very nice. Wtg Plagueis. Good battles Jedi.

Great job to both sides! It was a lot of fun!

Well done! A big and huge shout out to all the leadership that made this event possible!

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