A new di Plagia rises...


A new di Plagia rises...


It is my honor to announce that another Plagueian has joined the di Plagia circle. As detailed on our di Plagia wiki page, "Being granted the Clan name is the highest honor any Clan can bestow upon its members. It is reserved for those members who have demonstrated the utmost loyalty, dedication, and activity. These are the best of the best, the absolute pinnacle of Plagueis membership."

Very few members are selected for this honor, but the member who has been recently selected fits all of these accolades and then some.

By a unanimous vote of the di Plagia, TuQ'uan Varick has been given the Ascendant Clan title and now becomes the newest di Plagia.

Please join me in congratulating TuQ'uan for this remarkable achievement. We could not be more grateful to have you as an exemplary member and leader within our clan.

In darkness,

Ronovi Tavisaen

Dread Lord of Plagueis


Well deserved! Congratulations. :)

Congrats my friend. :)

I'm...so proud. single tear roll. They grow up so quick.

Welcome to the club. Now, go fetch me another drink :)

Congrats TuQ!

That'll do, TuQ, that'll do.

Whooooo Congrats TuQ!!!!

Congratz TuQ. I am jealous. Well deserved

Congrats Master!

Fun fact: TuQ is the first hat ever given a clan name. Congrats!

Impressive TuQ, most impressive.

Congrats on your title!


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