CNS Wargames Champion!


CNS Wargames Champion!

The games were held. Some of the summit prepared and administered the tests. Some of our best came out to prepare for our next endeavor. Even the Overlord himself competed - and mopped the floor with the rest of us. But in the end, aside from our Overlord, there was a victor.

Battlord Malisane Sadow, CNS Wargames Champion for 37ABY

Battlord Malisane render (courtesy Babylon 5)

The Wargames series was run over about two weeks. With five competitions, 8 participants, and 13 entries, we had a decent show. I would have liked to have seen more, but this was not bad. The Puzzle comp had all 8 participants, while one had zero. And just to show you that one comp can make a difference - Malik only did one competition (happened to get 1st in that one) and got 3rd overall.

In the end, Malisane took 1st place, Benny took 2nd (he had more points, but the Summit was exempt from 1st place), and Malik took 3rd. Thanks for all who helped (shout out to Xuner and Hilgrif and good luck next time.

Remember, Orian calls us. And we shall answer her soon...


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