[Code: Dread] Week 3 Fiction and Overall Stats


[Code: Dread] Week 3 Fiction and Overall Stats


Raider II-class corvette Shapeshifter

Unknown Regions - Aliso Space

37 ABY

Thusak Delat was sweating profusely from his brow.

In order to do a voice properly, he still had to shapeshift - fully. He had been able to impersonate the Dark Jedi in question just well enough to make the ruse work, having flagged down his ship and read his profile. Despite their best efforts, Plagueis remained wide open for splicing and hacking, and the Clawdite was happy to oblige.

As soon as he had ended his “S.O.S.” transmission with a Plagueian, he reverted back to his original reptilian form, panting and regaining his composure. With luck, the Firespray-31-class Interceptor would be cruising toward him and his squadron in no time. He and other former Principate forces were waiting in the wings, ready to yank any opposing ships into the nearby gravity well in order to disable their hyperdrives before obliterating them.

Smiling, Thusak pushed his corvette forward, barking back to his subordinates.

“Get to your posts, men, and let’s give them a night to remember!” he cackled.

To read the rest, click here and go to our official Discourse fiction thread.


Folks, we are now in the home stretch, with Week 3 of [Code: Dread] starting today and ending on Monday, October 21st. For Week 3, you will find another seven fun competitions to participate in, including a team battleplan, a food menu creation comp, trivia, and more.

Don't forget that the multiobjective fiction event is also running event-long, and your entries can determine the ending of the Code: Dread story arc (for better or for worse). Not only that, but the top three placers in the event will be featured in the ending fiction.

Let's break down some general stats we have right now for the event.

For Week 1, we received a total of 55 entries for the event.

For Week 2, we again received a total of 55 entries for the event. This includes members who completed needed participation in the rap battles despite their partner potentially not finishing up.

TuQ'uan will be providing a further breakdown of these numbers per team in the oncoming weeks, but for now, let's make sure we break past 55 and get much higher for Week 3. We are also still discussing a potential prize for the winner of the event, so Half-Cyborgs and Fancy Hats, stay tuned!

Dread on, my friends!



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