Ground Zero


Ground Zero


Gui Sol here! - Master of Rolls

Coming at ya from the Sacred Heap.

To kick off my first of many reports. I would first and foremost like to thank our beloved Consul and Proconsul for giving me the opportunity to serve you guys as the Rollmaster of Odan-Urr. I have nothing but love for this Clan and its roster, you guys are an amazing group of people and I feel privileged to help shape our future as a prosperous power-house. So, again, thank you.

Now, before I get into the nitty gritty, I would like to give you a brief rundown of who I am, which will inevitably lead into what I hope to achieve.

So, without further ado, let's get down to it.

The name is Gui Sol and you may already know me as 'The Kid' which is the nickname given to me by our former Rollmaster, Liam. With a youthful exuberance and a light-hearted countenance, the character doesn't stray far from the personality of the author. With me, I bring fresh ideas and an eagerness to outperform my predecessors. Now, that's not a knock. They were and are great members and leaders. However, my sights are set on going above and beyond what's expected of me for the benefit of the membership. Afterall, you guys and gals are the lifeblood of this Club. I have worked with people my whole life and am adept at lending an ear and offering my hand in assistance. Optimistic, I desire and will strive to aid you in becoming 'the best you'

I have three main areas of focus, for the time being. At the top of my list is communication. Without it, we are doomed to walk blindly through a social environment and community. When I was a new member, you the people, is what kept me coming back for more. The rest, like a solved puzzle, pieces fell into place. At the peak of my climb to Knighthood, standing at the summit with me was, well, all of you. I encourage everyone, new and old to join our Telegram and Discord channels and experience the Brotherhood found therein. It's filled with people that are ready and willing to help you succeed.

Second on my list is the recruitment and retention of new members. I would like to spread the gospel of this Club to the masses through social media platforms and general discussion. If you have friends or family that are into Star Wars, Writing, Gaming, or all of the above. Definitely speak up. Put that bug in their ear and maybe, just maybe, we will see a spike in new arrivals.

Next on my list is tackling the Master/Student program. This coincides with my first two mentions and each of these ideas will hopefully feed one another. I am currently typing up an updated guideline and will be tweaking the current system to include more for Masters and Students. As it's not yet ready for release, I will just say that I intend on giving the Master's larger shoes to fill.

To give you a hint of what I'm going for. You can follow this link. Especially if you are new to the Brotherhood.

Cantina Chatter


While I realize that the above ideas were pretty vague, I will release everything very soon so don't fret. My goal is to refine these new ideas and upgrade systems before rolling them out officially. I have the majority of my outlines ready to go but as everything I'm working on will play into each other, I do not want to release one idea without the others. I will also be looking for volunteers shortly. I'd like to involve you guys in the changes as much as possible and will probably send out an email as soon as I'm ready to include some of you. In the meantime I thank you for your patience.


"But we like new things!"

Yes, I know. That is why, by the end of the week, I'd like to start a series of Rollmaster-ly competitions. You should be seeing some things pop up very soon. Get excited, because I plan on keeping you guys busy.

For now, I just opened up another graphics competition entitled "A New Man, Or Woman, Or Thing" with more competitions in the works.

I recently ran three other competitions which were quite successful. Great turnouts and great submissions. I was impressed. The winners are as follows.


  • 1st - Agate Gua'Lara of COU
  • 2nd - Scarlet Agna of CNS
  • 3rd - Alaisy Tir'eivra of ARC

Gui Says Hack It

I will admit, I messed up with this one. For those of you who participated in this and were left confused. The letters you were forced to find were scrambled. I neglected to tell you that it created a scrambled phrase that would need to be sorted. Because of my faux pas, I still graded it based on fastest times. My apologies, I will make sure the same mistake doesn't reoccur.

  • 1st - Dral Falgorth of Viszla
  • 2nd - Brimstone of PLA
  • 3rd - Lucine Vasano of ARC

The third competition, "Wants and Needs" is still being graded and the results will be out ASAP.

The next few competitions I run will be specifically for COU members as I'd like to gauge our activity levels in various platforms. So, these are just as useful to the Summit as they are for you.


To wrap it up, I look forward to working closely with all of you. If you ever have any questions, comments, or ideas, feel free to contact me via email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or hit me up on Telegram or Discord.

May the Force be with you,

A good introduction and report to be sure, thank you. I will keep an eye out for these updates.

Good first report. Good work :)

good job. I love to see an excited RM. :)

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