Hearthstone Tournament pre-registration


Hearthstone Tournament pre-registration

Hello fellow Arconans!

I have pestered you before, but now I am ready and the final preparations for my Hearthstone tournament may begin.

Here’s a brief explanation of the rules:

  • The tournament will function in the Conquest format. If you’re not familiar with this competition format, you can read about its rules here. I will, however, explain all those rules below.
  • In order to avoid disparities and to promote fair matches throughout the entirety of the tournament, ALL MATCHES WILL BE PLAYED IN AMERICA SERVER.
  • A second rule that ensures fairness in the tournament is as follows: ONLY CLASSIC DECKS ARE ALLOWED IN THIS TOURNAMENT. This helps ensure that no participant is at a clear disadvantage during their matches. Bear in mind that these measures help mitigate the pay to win aspect of hearthstone. By putting all players at the same level, the competition can be about luck of the draw and card management skill. (A reminder that classic decks are the ones you get when you unlock the classes on hearthstone. If you don't have them currently, just go to collection and create a new deck with the class you wish to play. The classic option will appear, choose that one.)
  • For each bout of the tournament, PLAYERS MUST CHOOSE 3 DIFFERENT DECKS. This does not mean that you can’t take those same decks on the next bout, should you advance.
  • Following the Conquest format, if a player wins a match with a certain deck, that deck must not be used again (until the next bout, should the player advance). The first player to win a match with all 3 chosen decks, advances to the next round. Every bout is a best of 5 with a minimum of 3 games required to be played.
  • Since I don’t have access to bot submitted matches, THE WINNER OF THE MATCH IS REQUIRED TO INFORM ME OF THE RESULT. You can do this either via e-mail ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) or via Telegram @AruLaw.
  • Each bout will have 1 week to be completed. Participants are required to actively seek their opponents and make sure they complete their matches before the time is up. If you advance, and know your next opponent before the next week bout starts, you can still match up and compete.
  • Top 3 placements will be awarded Tier 3 Crescents.

Please, use this form if you wish to participate in the competition. After 1 week (hopefully by the 17th of August), the competition will start and you will be already subscribed to it, so you don’t have to worry about it.

I hope to see your name in the participants list and wish you good luck in the upcoming tournament!

Aru Law Aedile, House Qel-Droma


And signed up.

Oooh, signed up! Question, anything particular we have to do for announcing our decks? Or just choose three different ones and play them for each round?

Just choose 3 different decks and everything's fine :D

Good luck to everyone who signs up!

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