[PLA] OFFICIAL FICTION: Inevitable, Chapter One: The Scourge


[PLA] OFFICIAL FICTION: Inevitable, Chapter One: The Scourge

Part One


Xazoa’s Café

Ord Mantell

38 ABY

Laren Uscot preferred a stiff drink over caf any day. However, there was no Shesharilian representation in the café, so he would have to make do with the overbrewed swill. Seated at the same table was the lumpy Mantellian Savrip Hazard Friza - a name he surely hadn’t been given at birth - loudly guzzling a cup of some type of cola, belching as the carbonation hit his throat.

“Tell me, Uscot,” he quipped in his heavily accented Basic. “You ever considered trying to beat me at dejarik? The hologram they use looks a lot like me.”

Laren snorted. “It wouldn’t be worth the effort.”

“Afraid you’d choke?” Friza took another ambitious gulp and choked on the cola, spitting some of it onto the table.

Laren ignored the comment and focused on a small datapad in his hand. It contained messages and operational reports. He read that Kel Zar was traveling to the Tusken’s Eye system at this time. The pieces are nearly set, he thought approvingly.

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I hope you enjoyed our first chapter of the upcoming Plagueis storyline featuring Laren Uscot! Special thanks to Laren for helping me write this chapter! Yes, the man himself cowrote this with me.

The first chapter of "Inevitable" will begin as an official three week event (prologue + two weeks of 7-10 events through those two weeks) on Monday, October 5th! Please stay tuned to future weekly fiction!


Loved the fiction, looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Whooo can't wait to see what happens next :) :D

We want more! :3

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