[PLA] OFFICIAL FICTION: Inevitable, Chapter One: The Scourge (Part 2)


[PLA] OFFICIAL FICTION: Inevitable, Chapter One: The Scourge (Part 2)

Part Two


Aboard Chi Cho’s Revenge

Outskirts of the Aliso system

38 ABY

The modified YT-2000 traversed through the brilliant azure murk of hyperspace. The deep thrum of the hyperspace engine aboard the compact ship meant the freighter was traveling at top speed to reach its destination. Hopefully their trip wasn’t going to be one way.

A tense stillness had overcome Laren’s mismatched team aboard Chi Cho’s Revenge. The folks he was working with were all professional sleemos, mercenaries or criminals, but no one ever escaped overcoming their fear before a job. The common thread of coping among most seedy sorts was an introspective silence. In the hushed quiet before the chaos of work, even the most bashful, brutal or benign might reflect on lives lived and choices made. Kel Zar took this approach, made only easier by the single-seat cockpit. Others triple-checked their gear, or went over the plan - for all the good it might do them once the first blaster was fired - again, and again, and again. This was Laren’s approach in the lounge he shared with Hazard, a methodical and militaristic ritual which eased doubt and worry. Others still might try to centre themselves, or send blessings to whatever creator, beast, deity, feeling or memory that gave them hope and reassurance that a blaster bolt wouldn’t be the last thing they ever saw. And, of course, some counted, and perhaps cuddled, their credits.

And then there was Hazard. The brutish yet brilliant fool just had to be the outlier. Rather than manning the guns, the viridescent Mantellian Savrip was sparring quite vocally with the air in the lounge.

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I hope you enjoyed part two of our first chapter of the upcoming Plagueis storyline featuring Laren Uscot! Special thanks to Laren for writing this latest installment entirely himself! Super cool.

The first chapter of "Inevitable" will begin as an official three week event (prologue + two weeks of 7-10 events through those two weeks) on Monday, October 5th! Please stay tuned to future weekly fiction!

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