PlagCast Episode XII: A Tale of Two Clans


PlagCast Episode XII: A Tale of Two Clans

Episode 12 of the Plagcast is now Available. This month's guests are Bentre and Tasha from CNS who join us to talk about our upcoming event and the wonders of the wiki. We also drink some of our favorite beverages and come to a unanimous agreement as to what the next "Star Wars Story" movie should be.

I was almost worried when Tasha said someone else asks lots of questions, luckily I still have my totally not imaginary crown. Enjoyed the PlagCast as a whole, two guests is definitely interesting, looking forward to seeing how you approach future editions of the show and someday I shall endeavour to be on one.

Loved doing this episode. Many thanks to Bentre and Tasha for joining us, and of course, be sure to get the Canadian Tuqman a drink for his constant editing!

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