Positions Filled


Positions Filled

Taldryan Rollmaster and Ektrosis Quaestor Positions Filled

Hello everyone!

We'd like to apologize for the large delay in getting this announcement out, as it is long overdue. Once applications closed for the Taldryan Rollmaster and Ektrosis Quaestor position, the Taldryan Summit deliberated on our choices and found that two applicants stood out from the rest of the pack and fit the bill perfectly. So without further ado, let us get to the introductions. For both positions, we have selected relative newcomers (in Taldryan standards, anyways!) to the Clan.

Taldryan Rollmaster - Xolarin: Xolarin is the man with a plan to revitalize the efforts of the Taldryan Rollmaster and guide our new and incoming members, start a new student/master pairing program, help boost club/clan recruitment and member retention, and some other ideas of his own. Xolarin brings a breadth of experience in several leadership positions to the table, and has shown he has a drive unique to the applicants of this position.

Ektrosis Quaestor - Appius Wight: We all know Appius by now, that Mandaboo. While also considered a newcomer by Taldryan standards, Appius has been serving as Aedile for the last several months - including throughout the Great Jedi War, under the tutelage of veteran Vodo Taldrya (now Shanree Argentin) to help sharpen his leadership skills and prepare him for the role of Quaestor. He's continued to show throughout this period that he's a force to be reckoned with, helping to push things along with the rest of the Summit and taking a very active role in the Clan's leadership since he was first appointed Aedile. Even prior to this appointment, Appius had begun working on a new House storyline that would tie directly into the overall Clan story, yet still differentiate the two.

We expect Taldryan will benefit greatly from having these two join the Taldryan Summit, and would like everyone to join us in congratulating them.

Zxyl Venzos Taldrya
Proconsul/Son of Taldryan

Congrats you two, that's awesome news!


Game on! Glad to be serving the clan, friends. And congrats Zappius!

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