DB Footy: 2014/15 Season is ready for business!


DB Footy: 2014/15 Season is ready for business!


Hey Folks, Just wanted to extend another friendly invitation to the DB's English Premier League Fantasy Group. Last year was the first time we've run this for awards, and it was quite a season. We had stiff competition all the way through, and many different leaders throughout the competition. In the end though, the top three were myself, Archean Tarantae, and Malik Sadow... a Canadian, an Aussie and a Dane. Where are all the Brits at?

Anyways, this years competition was just approved, and I'm hoping to see it grow even stronger this time around. So, if you love the English Premier League, and want to get some fantasy in, join on up at http://fantasy.premierleague.com

Once you have signed up and selected your roster, click on the Leagues Link at the top, then go to Join a League, Private League, and Insert the following code: 100192-30234

Our League's name is unsurprisingly: DB Footy.. and don't forget to subscribe to the competition here in order to get your rewards (if you're good enough!)

Cheers all!

Just The Seal

Something something password is taco?

Americans playing real football? Really?

Time to win some fantasy soccer.

Americans do play real Football. Then we go home and take our daughters to Soccer practice.


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