DB Footy: Last Chance for 2014/15 Season!


DB Footy: Last Chance for 2014/15 Season!


Hey folks,

Just wanted to toss out a final reminder about the DB's EPL Fantasy Group. The season kicks off tomorrow, so if you want to join up and not play at a disadvantage, you only have one more day to get your team registered and filled out at http://fantasy.premierleague.com

We've got a great group set up right now, and it's looking out to be a crazy season in the EPL.

Once you have signed up and selected your roster, click on the Leagues Link at the top, then go to Join a League, Private League, and Insert the following code: 100192-30234

Our League's name is unsurprisingly: DB Footy.. and don't forget to subscribe to the competition here, as well as email me your team name and db name!

Cheers all!

Just The Seal

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