2018 Pro Bowl: Week 1 begins!


2018 Pro Bowl: Week 1 begins!


Greetings everyone and welcome to the first week of Pro Bowl III - An event of Clans Plagueis, Scholae Palatinae, and Taldryan. As noted in the below news post, the teams have been drafted, and the event stands ready to begin. This event will have three weeks of competitions, each hosted by a representative of the three participating clans. You all lucked out in having what is clearly the best come first ;). This is being posted on my behalf as not being in a position makes it a bit difficult to put up news posts.

  • Week 1 features ten competitions for your enjoyment. This events will run from the 6th through to the 13th, at which point the wonderful week 2 events will start up, run by the amazing Alaris of Taldryan. I have a brief breakdown of the ten week 1 events below for ease of access.
  • Week 1 Fiction is a 500 word minimum fiction, and hopefully a prompt you all will find very fun.
  • Week 1 Gaming is a cluster race, with CFs counting for two CEs.
  • Week 1 Graphics is a special Pro Bowl themed poster creation event.
  • Week 1 Word Search is a timed event, please make sure to be aware of that before subscribing.
  • Week 1 Flash Game 1 is a high score race, but also timed for the event of a tie in points.
  • Week 1 Flash Game 2 is also a high score race, timed for the event of a tie in points.
  • Week 1 Jigsaw is probably the most evil of my run events, timed, and make sure to follow the rules to include pieces in your screen shot so you are not disqualified as was an issue in the prologue event.
  • Week 1 Lyrics in place of a more normal poetry event, I am opening this up to be musical lyrics instead. Please dont actually write music to accompany your lyrics, brownie points won’t help you place higher ;).
  • Week 1 Hunt the Imperial is a timed clue based event to correctly identify a member of CSP.
  • Week 1 Comic is a very humor focused event, comic form can be created as you wish, just make sure it follows the prompt.

I hope you all enjoy this opening salvo of events of what I hope is a most incredible Pro Bowl.

Xen’Mordin Palpatine

Do all the things, people! AND GO TEAM ANGRY CAT/MRR!

Best of luck lovelies! takes the Pro Bowl crown off Sending my regards from the ocean.

May the members all win, and may you do all the things. Because hint: more chance of shines!

I just came out of Rogues and these are easy fun. If an old fossil like me can do it, so can you.

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