58 Facts you probably didn't know about Star Wars


58 Facts you probably didn't know about Star Wars

While scanning the cosmos to bring you interesting bits of Star Wars news I came across this list of facts that most people did not know about the movies. One of which was the Blockade Runner (known to us as a Corvette) was actually going to be the Falcon. But what I found the most interesting is the hyperlink on #52. Clicking that will rock your world if you have not previously came upon this little nugget. That link brings you to the first draft Lucas wrote of Star Wars. It is a completely different movie and well worth the read. I am currently 3/4th of the way through and I am curious how it ends.

So please, take a look and enjoy!


#32, though not surprising, is probably the best fact from that list.

Cool list! Totally listening to disco Star Wars right now

I wish there was a list that contained 58 examples of what should go on the news page.

Until then, I can't wait for our next post from Geocities that has a list of 13 random pieces of clothing once worn by John Hollis (he played Lobot and was quite the snappy dresser).

posted this a week ago on plagueis message board. still cool

@ Sarin -- lol, <3 BuzzFeed

Sadly I knew just about all of these.

This reads more like a list of: "58 Facts a Non-Star Wars Fan Probably Didn't Know About Star Wars."

I found a neat list, as well:

The 100 Greatest Things About Star Wars...Ever!

go read #51

Also, about #55, think I still have a few of those

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