7 years perspective


7 years perspective

Seven years ago, this friday, a little know Chiss joined an organization called the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

I was playing a game called Star Wars Galaxies when a player was yelling in Theed about the DJB. I asked them about it and then went to the website to check it out. Being a fan of the Dark Side, I found it intriguing.

So I signed up. I was thinking Now I can be a Sith and show Vader how to do it.

Wow was I wrong. LOL

I immediately joined the Clan Tarentum and was assigned a master Cipher. That didn't last long. In two years time, I had 5 total masters and eventually became a Dark Jedi Knight.

Was it a sweet success?

Personally, no. I tried to act like a badass and Mr. Know-it-all and ended up stepping on a lot of toes and eventually expelled and got burned out.

So I left for a few years. Then one day, I got an email of an AWOL check and was asked to come back to the Brotherhood. I did, still wary of the outcome. A member of Plagueis contacted me and asked me to join them. So I did.

What a change a few years off made.

In my time on the DJB, I have seen many changes done and events happened:

  • 3 GJWs
  • Destruction of Antei
  • Shutdown of Clans into Houses
  • Many players leave
  • 2 Grand Masters of the Club
  • Revamped website, shadow academy, and promotion requirements.
  • Many numerous other changes.
  • Reformation of a few Clans

I just wanted to say it has all been for the best. I have even learned to better my story telling, met many new friends, and learned what it is like to work as a team for a common goal. I want to thank a few folks from over the years.

  • Thank you Tarentum for giving me a chance to learn about the Brotherhood and the numerous Masters that had to put up with my inexperience arrogance. Especially Anshar and Frosty.

  • Thank you Muz/Sarin for being great leaders and giving us more changes and advanced things in the Brotherhood that makes people want to have an enjoyable experience

  • Thank you Plagueis for allowing me to join despite my shady background and giving me a chance to excel.

  • Thank you Ronovi, Arden/Kz'set, and Celevon for believing in me to promote me the honor of Sith Warrior and an Equite.

  • Thank you Montresor, Dacien, Aabsdu, Callus, and Plagueis summit, present and past, for allowing me to help us get back Clan status

  • Thank you Orv for getting me my banner, it's awesome.

  • Thank you Taranae Rhode for being my first apprentice and making my training you enjoyable and exciting enough to make me want to mentor again.

  • Thank you Sarin/Pravus for using me in the Main News stories. Made me feel so honored and privileged to make the news.

I can keep going on to thank even more folks, but this would be an auto-biography by time I finished. LOL.

So, again. these 7 years I have been a member, I have really enjoyed my time here and hope to enjoy another 7 years or more and make even more friends.

Thank You Everyone.

Amen to those sentiments. And a privilege to have you as my Master, even though in character I want to pin your heart to a dartboard for target practice ;) You've had a great seven years by the sound of it, I challenge you to make another post in another seven years ;)

Brim, it was an honour to be mentored by yourself. Thank you for all you did for me. Vassago, you take his left, I'll take his right.....

Member Love.

Well...technically I want to gut him like a fish. So err...yeah you take his left and I'll leave a nice thermal grenade on his right ;)

LOL I am training them good. They Hate Me. They Really Hate ME LOL

wow, another 7 years have passed. hitting 14 years now

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