A Modern Vendetta Course


A Modern Vendetta Course

New Course – Competitions: Vendettas

In advance of the coming war, the Shadow Academy has released a new Vendettas course to help new members learn what they can expect from Great Jedi Wars, Rites of Supremacy and Clan Feuds. We have retired Vendettas 101-103, as the bulk of their content had become outdated and did not adequately address the new systems we have in place for these events. As such, the Vendetta Pundit degree will no longer be obtainable, but you will retain the degree if it's something you'd previously earned.

If you've never participated in a vendetta before, definitely have a look at this course in the coming days!

Don't Forget! Jobs!

Since I'm here ... a quick reminder that applications for the four open Shadow Academy positions are being accepted through this Saturday, May 23rd.

Fun course, great refresher on Vendetta details.

Well done!

Great course! We've come a long way in our feuding :P

Nice to see my art up there, good work on the course.

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