A New DGM and Call for Applications


A New DGM and Call for Applications

Greetings all,

Several major announcements today, including our new Deputy Grand Master and two positions open for application.

Morgan B. Sorenn, aka V'yr, has been appointed Deputy Grand Master!

It is my great honor today to name our new Deputy Grand Master, Morgan B. Sorenn, aka V'yr. During his time on the Dark Council, V'yr has worked tirelessly to deliver the best content he can to our members. He has transformed graphics in the Brotherhood from a specialty of a minority of members to a vibrant artistic community. At no point were the fruits of his labor more obvious than in the last Great Jedi War, when I had a chance to grade graphics entries. The quantity of quality entries was astounding, with many entries from members I had no idea had such impressive talents. V'yr has been more than that as Herald, though, as he helped us regear our Great Jedi War story on short notice and develop the Factions system and the Collective. He has been a consistent source of ideas and a positive influence on the Council, and I'm excited to have him by my side as DGM. V'yr has a few more graphics related projects to finish - notably the launch of our Graphics Society, which he will finish as DGM - but he and I will soon be working together to bring the same enthusiasm he brought to Brotherhood graphics to every aspect of our club.

Herald open for Applications

With Vyr's appointment to Deputy Grand Master, we will be opening applications to the Brotherhood for a new Herald. We are looking for a talented leader and artist capable of managing a staff of artists to fulfill the Brotherhood's graphics needs while simultaneously working as a collaborative team member on the Dark Council. We should note that we are not only looking for the most talented artist here - while skill level is important, ability to manage a team and work as team member on the Dark Council are paramount. Interested members should first familiarize themselves with the requirements of the office. Applications should include relevant Brotherhood experience, describe short and long term project plans for the Herald office, discuss any ideas to continue developing our art community, and link to a Google Driver folder of a portfolio including 5 to 10 of the member's best works of art. Please apply by email to the new DGM and myself. We will be looking to fill this position no later than March 14th, and may fill the position earlier than that based on applicant pool.

Social Media Tribune

Today I am also opening applications for what we are calling Social Media Tribune. As this will effectively be a new position, I will provide quite a bit of detail for what we are after. Put simply, this position will organize our social media strategy and work with the Dark Council to increase the Brotherhood's footprint on social media. Although 'Recruitment Tribune' has functioned this way in the past, the sphere of this position is not primarily aimed at recruitment directly; the Dark Council is currently discussing whether to focus a Tribune position on recruitment itself, or instead to charge an existing DC office with club-wide efforts towards recruitment. We will provide more details on that soon, but for now, more details on Social Media Tribune!

Although the Star Chamber will maintain ownership over our social media accounts, Social Media Tribune will propose and implement a strategy to increase traffic to the Brotherhood website through the use of social media and other applicable strategies. This individual is expected to directly update social media streams based on a proposal they outline, may hire a small team, and will work with other individuals in positions, both in Clans and on the Dark Council, to promote Brotherhood social media accounts internally as well as externally. Moreover, the individual should aim to establish a sustainable system that does not require a single person or specific persons to succeed such that any improvement in social media presence will not immediately crumble should he or she have to step down.

Interested members should submit full applications to the Grand Master, the new Deputy Grand Master, and the Sensechal. Applicants should detail all relevant experience to the position (including any real life experience), as well as detail a proposal regarding how the applicant will improve the DB social media presence in the short and long term, how they intend to validate that their strategies are working, and how they will build a sustainable social media presence for the future. We are open to broad proposals on how to utilize social media to build the Brotherhood's presence, and we are open to modest proposals that may require some adjustment to the content on the front page (significant reworks of the website are off the table right now - if you aren't sure, talk to Mav/James). There is no rank requirement, but a track-record that demonstrates an individual's reliability and ability to work with a diverse DB team is a requirement. Experience with social media is a requirement, and bonus points go to individuals that have managed social media accounts for organizations in the past at some level. Applications formally close on March 14th, but we may make a decision before then.

With that, please congratulate V'yr on his appointment to Deputy Grand Master, and get your applications for HRLD and T:Social Media started!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master of the Brotherhood

Congrats, Vyr!

Now, your tablet sleeps at last.

Congrats V'yr!

Looking forward to the future!

Wow weeee, Congrats V'yr!!!!

Congratulations, V'yr! Enjoy being Mav's underling - I mean, usurper-to-be - I mean, second-in-command.

Congrats, Vyr!

Congratulations, Vyr! Looking forward to seeing what the new regime has in store!

Congrats, Vyr! But who will make me cool custom robes now? :(

Exciting! Congrats Vyr! You are going to knock it out of the park!

Congrats Vyr!

Congratulations Vyr!

Congrats Vyr!

Congrats, Vyr!

Thanks all.

@Atty: My tablet never sleeps :P

Let the tree puns take root!

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