A New Fist and Elders Rising


A New Fist and Elders Rising

Greetings all,

We have a few major announcements today: First, a new Fist, and second - as those of you on Telegram may have already seen - the elevation of two new Elders!

A New Fist

As you all know, we temporarily appointed Kalan Amak, aka Drac, to serve as Fist while we sorted out the Great Jedi War and subsequent open positions on the Dark Summit. We recently accepted applications for his replacement, and the time has come for Drac to once more step down.

Replacing Drac is going to be no easy task, but after a length discussion on several excellent applicants, the Justicar, Deputy Grand Master, and I all decided that the best choice to take over from Drac is Justinios Taldrya Drake. Justinios has recently served as Proconsul of Clan Taldryan, and has served previously as Magistrate to the Voice and the Fist. When looking for a new Dark Councilor, we look for members with a firm grasp of the responsibilities and challenges of the position, experience in the sort of administration the position requires, experience in higher level summit leadership (essentially, exposure to “doing business” at the Brotherhood-wide level), new ideas to advance the position, and the ability to work closely with the Dark Council. We also highly consider the opinion of the outgoing Dark Councilor. In all of these areas, Justinios’ application excelled, and so we are excited to have him as our next Fist! Justinios will introduce himself to everyone soon, I am sure.

Two Elders Rise

In our organization, Elders are members that have demonstrated a commitment well above and beyond the typical. Their activity, their leadership, and their total contributions mark them as members known widely throughout our Clans. More than that, they are examples to our members on how to contribute at the highest level. They give beyond expectations to enrich our organization. And today, we have the pleasure of acknowledging two such members, whose contributions have made this a much better club for all of us.

First, Kalan "Drac" Amak, aka Dracaryis, the outgoing Fist. Drac served as Fist for nearly three years in total, and in his time in that position, he has added numerous games, streamlined our gaming policies, upgraded the GMRG, and dealt with one of the least forgiving jobs in our organization. He was a major driving force behind the adoption of the “bin” system to Vendettas, and he worked tirelessly to provide accessible gaming to every member, while striving to reward the best competitors among us. Most of all, when the club needed a stable Fist most, Drac has been there… Not once, but twice. It is easy to forget now that Drac’s first appointment came after a tumultuous period in gaming leadership years ago, but his most recent short term stay on the Dark Council is still fresh in all of our minds. Beyond just his exemplary term as Fist, Drac has been a trusted advisor to numerous Dark Councilors and will truly be missed. Please read Drac’s full recommendation here.

And second, Satsi Tameike Arconae, or Atty. Atty has been Consul of Clan Arcona and Praetor to the Voice, each for several years, and in both capacities she has excelled. As Consul, she lead her Clan to numerous impressive results in Vendettas, built an active base of members that continues to this day, and always represented her Clan to the best of her ability, perhaps the most impact she has had on the club has come as Praetor to the Voice. To say Atty has gone beyond the call of duty is an underestimate. As Praetor, she has spent countless hours working with members from across the Brotherhood to build their characters, from aspects, to physical descriptions. And all of this is in addition to her absolutely incredible level of general activity, where she has competed in - and run - hundreds of competitions. Atty regularly engages members across the club in fiction chat, and is working to better the club on a daily basis by helping to build our fictional world. Atty is a great example of how a member may continue to contribute to the betterment of the Brotherhood as a whole, even when not herself on the Dark Council or in a Summit position. Please read the full recommendation for Atty here.

Please join me in congratulating Justinios, Drac, and Atty!

Telaris “Mav” Cantor

Grand Master

Congrats to atty, and my condolences to Justinios

Congrats to Justinios, Drac and Satsi!


Congratulations Satsi and Drac on Elder. Good luck with Fist Justinios, congratulations.

congrats to the new elders/ You have the bar tabs coming to you. GL Justinios on Fist

Congratulations to all of you!

Yes..yess...this is all very good.

Congrats Drac! Well deserved!

Congrats, all of you!

Grats everyone! And now Justinios, prepare for the wonderful job of drunken submissions

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