A New Interface for the Site


A New Interface for the Site

Greetings all,

As you have no doubt seen, we have made significant changes to the user interface and style sheets for the Brotherhood's website. Our ultimate goal with this update is to both update to a more modern set of fonts and styles, but also to push a more modular frontpage. Long-term, this change will set the stage so that we can further customize the 'front page' of the site to be a more appealing "first stop" for new and existing members alike.

The Seneschal and Deputy Grand Master are hard at work making some additional changes and tweaks to the site, so expect additional changes in the coming weeks as the interface is further refined. We are already aware of some small bugs that have snuck in, but please do not hesitate to report any bugs you find to James via Telegram or email!

As to the results you are all waiting for... We are aiming for a release of RoS placements and results this weekend. Stay tuned!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

The changes are interesting and the look is definitely more modern. Great work you guys!

I like the whole fresh look of the website. Great work guys :D

I absolutely love the new look. It is fresh, clean, and definitely more appealing. Not only that, but it also looks sharp on mobile which is where the previous design was seriously lacking.

Not to mention new and shiny is always exciting.

I appreciate all the work and I love the new look! Keep up the great work :)

The new site design is fantastic, the fonts all match and are easier to read, and the mobile experience is now 100x better.

Thanks James, SCL Staff, and Vyr for pushing this out for us! You guys rock!

This is neat looking. Gonna take some getting used to but looks pretty in mobile. :) Great work, James and co.

I love, love, love the new layout. Add three more loves when on mobile. Great work!

Why not go back to a tried and true layout... Say... Like this one?


I love the layout! It looks absolutely wonderful <3 way to go peeps!

ah, multi tasking at it's extreme

Looks awesome. Nicely designed.

Whaaaaat this is dope. I'm diggin it

Great work guys!

only thing I don't like, the sidebar listing of the competitions I was subscribed to isn't there anymore. that helped to remind me when I was in events to check on any I hadn't finished yet. Perhaps adding those to the characters pages could work.

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