A New Regent


A New Regent

Greetings all,

After perhaps the best pool of applications for a Dark Council position I have seen, Evant and I have made a decision on the next Regent. Because Regent is a relatively new position, and because there are many potential directions it can be taken in, we were treated to a number of excellent ideas for Possessions and the Regent position itself, and I want to thank all of our applicants for their efforts. Ultimately, though, we had to pick just one candidate, and so we have selected Adept Atra Ventus as our next Regent due to his excellent application and extensive experience with various Brotherhood systems. From Proconsul to Combat Master and several staff positions before and after, Atra has had a hand in dozens of major and minor projects that have shaped our Brotherhood today. Atra will continue to develop Possesions and assist in our other fictional system developments, especially in Factions. Please join me in congratulating Atra Ventus on his elevation to Regent!

Evant and I are happy to give feedback to other applicants, but in many ways, this decision was about what Atra brings to the table, and not necessarily deficiencies in other applications. None the less, I am happy to give pointers to applicants, so please feel free to reach out by Telegram if you have applied for this (or other) position and would like feedback!

As an additional note, Fist applications have closed, but because of the opening overlapping with Regent, neither Evant nor I have had significant time to look over the applications. We are reviewing applications now and expect to make a decision before the end of the week!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

Nice! Congratulations, Atra!

You poor bastard

Congratulations Atra!

Retirement was never a good look on you, Atra. Congrats!

Congrats, Atra! Welcome to the DC.

Congrats Atra! Kill it!

Congrats, Atra and welcome to the team!

Atra, congrats. This was a long time coming. You have contributed to our club in countless ways and the club is fortunate to have you on the DC. Vizsla will miss you (especially in the GJW.....), but the club is better for having you move on to bigger and better things. Best of luck.

ps open the Celebration Store.

RIP Atra the Fun-loving Punch Bro. Welcome Atra the DC Buzzkill? :P

Congrats, my friend!

good going

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