A Statement to the Electorate and the Membership


A Statement to the Electorate and the Membership

Dark Brotherhood,

By now, you are all likely aware that I have been nominated to serve as the next Grand Master of our Brotherhood. To lay out my plans to the Electorate, I have written an address detailing a few of my objectives. This address is written for the Consuls and Councilors of our club, but it will undoubtedly have topics of interest to the general membership. In addition, I have been accepting and answering questions from the Electorate. Over the coming weeks, this answers document will continue to grow periodically as I receive and answer more questions from leaders in our club. Should you have additional questions to contribute, please contact your Consuls, as they are gathering questions and helping to merge redundant/duplicate questions.

But neither my address, nor the questions I have answered so far, address who I am. While I am well known to many of our older members, I know that for some of our more recent recruits I'm a relatively unfamiliar face, so I wanted to take the time here to introduce my history in our club and a bit about myself.

I joined the DB sometime in December of 1996. The first document noting my membership was a roster in rich text format from December 11th of that year; thus, for all intents and purposes that's the date I joined. I joined Clan Satal Keto; later, I had my first leadership opportunity in Clan Aquillas, clans likely unfamiliar to the majority of members reading this. I was also a founding member of Clan Taldryan, and the Clan's third Consul. I was there for the Exodus, assisting Firefox, Jac, and so many others in crafting this fantastic Star Wars community. I served as Jac's Deputy Grand Master, but I became too busy with college and stepped away from the Brotherhood. I returned to active leadership almost 5 years ago, first as Combat Master, then as Voice, and finally as Pravus' Deputy Grand Master. In every position I have served, I have been most interested in developing systems and institutions that enrich the member experience in our Brotherhood and help contribute to a unique and fun Star Wars experience.

But none of that tells you who I am or much about what kind of leader I will be to the club. In the real world, I'm a scientist whose life is driven by data collection and analysis, weighing support for alternative hypotheses. This inexorably spills over into my life in the Brotherhood in predictable ways. As a leader here, I draw from available data to evaluate my choices, and I readily consult people that I expect will have differing points of view in order to gain a better understanding of a given issue. I deliberately seek members for projects from a wide range of units, taking advantage of the varied cultures of our Clans for different perspectives. A common refrain - "Mav is the Worst" - originated in part because I disagreed so often with some of my best friends in this club on the best path to success. Despite these disagreements, we are still close friends.

The Brotherhood has been my home away from home for twenty years, where I have made friendships I expect to last a lifetime. My goal as Grand Master is to continue building this club such that in twenty years from now, some of you can look back at your time here as fondly as I do mine.

Thank you,

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Deputy Grand Master
Nominee, Grand Master

Death to Mav.

The only good panda is a red panda.

See, now that's a helpful answer. :p

Good read.

places self between Howie and Mav

Interesting responses. We might need to talk at some point.

I, for one, welcome our new worst overlord.

Those are encouraging responses.

Mav, you're the worst. There's no need to make any apologies for that.

Ugh. Mav. Worst.

The only good panda is a red panda.

I like his panda policy :P

Read through the documents, I like what I see. There are a lot of great questions and good answers to them.

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