A Thank You (From the entire SA Staff)


A Thank You (From the entire SA Staff)


The Dark Degrees are a way for members to show off their knowledge of a wide variety of topics, from History, over Club related matters to aspects relating to Gaming. There is however one set that the Academy uses to indicate the recipient has helped making the SA work. The Service Degrees are the oldest ones still in use. It is upon their names that all others are based.

Serving the Academy as a Staff Member (Praetor, Magistrate, Professor or Docent) for at least five months with distinction will earn you the Dark Maven: Service. Serve for over 8 months at Professor or higher as well as impressing your superior with your dedicated service and general excellence earns you the Dark Savant: Service. Serving for a long time as an excellent Magistrate or Praetor (or service above and beyond what is expected for an immensely long period of time) may earn you the Dark Sage: Service.

There is however one tier above the Dark Sage. A type that is only awarded sporadically and for a highly specific set of activities. The Master of Dark Lore is awarded to Headmasters who have served with distinction and is traditionally awarded upon the time of their retirement. The MoDL is also the only Degree that requires approval from a sitting Grand Master.

As the most senior Staff member, I have the honour of bestowing upon Dacien Victae di Plagia, the Master of Dark Lore. His dedication to the Academy, as well as his tireless efforts to improve the Club as a whole, lead me to believe that he has more than earned this rare honorific.

Awarding it has always been a rather shadowy affair, the general membership usually does not even notice it being awarded, as does is not usually get published. This is the second time we visible announce this honour being bestowed. And yes, this paragraph is standardized.

If you go to the Statistics section and look up the details for the Master of Dark Lore, you will find a list of the most influential and creative spirits that helped form the Academy into what it is today. In my opinion, there was no question that Dacien deserves to join this hallowed hall. Dacien, It has been an honour of being your Praetor and I hope you cherish this honour as a token that the entire Staff feels the same.

To show you this fact, I contacted the Academy staff and asked them to produce short texts on working with you, Dacien.

Now I shall stop talking and instead give the word to the Shadow Academy Staff.


Zanet Xox (Aabsdu), Headmaster Emeritus - Master at Arms, Professor of History, Master of Dark Lore

While this recognition may seem obligatory, it all the same represents a traditional note of appreciation to outgoing Headmasters specifically from previous Headmasters. The Shadow Academy means a lot to me. It was my first position at the Brotherhood-level and I continue to participate and care a great deal about our fictional educational institution. I care who leads it and how they treat it. For two years, Bubba has been an absolutely fantastic Headmaster, ushering in a series of new courses and departments alongside major changes in how the Brotherhood handles orders and how the entire world handles Star Wars canon. The Shadow Academy is as strong now as ever and that is due to Bubba's steadfast leadership. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this awesome pillar of Brotherhood membership.

Ihi Ariki (Solari), Headmaster Emeritus - Docent assigned to Wiki Basics and Wiki Editing, Master of Dark Lore

Stepping down as Headmaster was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, but the appointment of Bubba, erm Dacien, put my mind at rest with the knowledge that the Shadow Academy was in good hands. Under his watch, the Academy saw a change in how it handles Magistrates and was always quick to update or add content when changes occurred within the Brotherhood (Such as the invasion of lighties and NFUs requiring new CORE courses.) He expanded the Journeyman - sorry ‘Novitiate’ – Hall, and implements a lot of necessary changes to the SA Degrees.

Bubba, you done good. Thanks again for your tenure.

Farrin Xies - Sitting Headmaster, former Praetor to the Headmaster

In my time in the Brotherhood, few members have had the profound personal impact on me that Bubba has. Over the past two years, I have been lucky to call him mentor, boss, and most importantly friend. The Master of Dark Lore is intended to honor Headmasters who have made a huge impact on the Shadow Academy, and I can't think of anyone who fits the bill more than Bubba. As someone who somehow has to follow him, I'm acutely aware of how much he's accomplished in the two years he served as HM. I think that MoDL is the least we can do for him.

Alishu - Magistrate to the Headmaster

When I was made Magistrate, the timeline and fiction changes had just happened, and all of the history courses needed to be edited to reflect the changes (and they still do, it's a work in a progress). So when I was given my choice of project to work on, I naturally chose to work on DJB History. Since then, I've been working with the SA Staff and Headmasters Bubba and Aabs (former, current Professor of History), trading emails and discussing ideas with them.

We've all taken our fair share of SA courses, and we've all amassed quite a bit of knowledge, but I've come to discover that Headmasters are in possession of true knowledge, wisdom. They're so in-tune with what the Shadow Academy is and what it does. I can't tell you the amount of times I've been absolutely floored by even the smallest of things they'll say, mentioning aspects of the SA that I would never even consider. And I saw this wisdom in both Aabs and Bubba.

Bubba, as you come into this well-earned retirement, know that you and your predecessors have truly defined what it means to be Headmaster. Thank you for your service.

Rhace Tarrin (Mirus) - Magistrate to the Headmaster

For the past long while, Bubba, you've been a stalwart Headmaster for the Shadow Academy. You've seen overhauls and transitions all across the Brotherhood and so much different work across the SA. From when I first started working with the SA a year or so ago to now, the entire thing seems different and in a good way. Thanks to you we've seen some great strides towards making the Shadow Academy a better place for all of us here in the club, whether it be for our veteran members finding the place a little more enticing or even for the newbies trying to navigate their way around and taking their first steps with us. It's been a pleasure working with you these past few months, getting to see some of the inner workings of the place too.

It's not much, but thank you. You've done an incredible job. Thank you so much for your hard work and determination for so long.

Marcus Kiriyu - Professor in charge of the CORE department

When Bubba took me on as Professor for the Core courses, I was ecstatic. I've always wanted to work for the SA, ever since I joined the DJB in '09, and I hope I've done right by him. During my time though, Bubba has been extremely supportive. Initially I asked questions like "How should I grade this?", and "What do I do when they don't fill in questions?" Within moments I received a very detailed reply, as if it cost no effort whatsoever. He helped me get started and helped me grow into the position. Eventually I started bouncing ideas off him and though many ideas died in the fires of Bubba's arguments, it never felt like I was doing it for nothing.

Thank you for everything Bubba, wouldn't be here without your support!

Tra'an Reith di Plagia - Professor in charge of the Communications department

I've known Dacien for a LONG time now. Since long before he became Headmaster. I have to say, that I was not only surprised, but amazed at how he stepped into the role and immediately made an impact. The longer he stood in the shoes of those who came before him, it became more and more obvious that he was setting a new standard for Headmaster. His shoes now dwarf those which came before. His dedication, devotion, diligence, and ingenuity are second to none. Of all the Headmasters, he leveraged Ood to the maximum, and together they achieve the impossible, rebirthing the Shadow Academy. It is safe to say that without Dacien at the helm these last few years, the SA would not be the impressively revitalized beast that it has become. He deserves our respect, our thanks, and is buying the next round at the tavern!

Xantros - Professor in charge of the Leadership department

Each Headmaster provides me unique insight into functioning of the Shadow Academy. Dacien is not an exception in this case. I found it a very pleasant experience to work with him, since we have created the Department of the Leadership Studies. It has been an important matter to me to be so involved in expanding the offer of the Shadow Academy and I am glad that Dacien has agreed to launch new Department.

Throughout my service under Dacien as one of the Professors of the Shadow Academy, I could see his involvement in making it better and better. I had an opportunity to learn more on how to improve the quality of course materials and how to pay attention to small details of answers for exam questions. I could observe Dacien flawlessly carrying his duties as the Headmaster out. His service made me wish to excel in my own efforts to be as good teacher as I only could.

Bubba, while you are departing from the office of the Headmaster, I can only thank you for your dedicated service and excellent job. It has been a really great pleasure to learn from you all things that I have learnt.

Daniel Stephens - Professor in charge of the Legends department

First I gotta say. The inner kid in me still laughs at the name Bubba, and I refuse to call you Dacien. Now with that done, thank you for the time you took out of life to making this club and the SA better. Without people like you, who care about the future of this group we would stagnate and die like so many others. On a personal note, thanks for giving this old bones another crack at being a PROF. Now go and enjoy retirement in Plageuis with those nifty shock collars yall just won in the feud.

Lexiconus Qor - Docent assigned to “Planets and Moons” and “Regions of the Galaxy”

Headmaster Dacien is a charming, friendly and very wise man that I have come to greatly respect and aspire to be just like, because it takes a great deal of courage, astuteness and communication in order to keep the machine we know as the SA together. When I first got into contact with Dacien and Ood, I wanted to help the SA in any way I could. I offered my experience in physics, my knowledge in medicine and other various subjects that I researched in University. Dacien spoke to me and asked whether I knew enough about planets and moons to assist with the creation of that new exam, when I said I would, he guided me through the ropes on how to edit and proof a course correctly. He taught me various markdown commands, how to properly show an image and which images would give the right mechanics for the exam. He became a mentor for Seraphol and myself when we constructed Planets and Moons, and Regions of the Galaxy. I believe it wouldn't have gone so smoothly without Dacien's overwatch and lessons. So, thank you for your help, Bubba.

Kelly Mendes - Docent assigned to “Leadership Competitions”

I haven’t had much interaction with Dacien/Bubba in my time as a Docent but I’d like to speak about those rare occasions I would. I reported an error in one of the SA courses and I was kept in touch by our resigning HM, when it would’ve been easy to just make a change and not acknowledge that it had been pointed out at all that’s not how Bubba handles stuff. Another thing I’d like to speak about is how welcoming it was when I was made a Docent and I have no doubt that Bubba is influential in that regard, up until that point I still pretty much remained in my clan but to see that same level of care in the largest staff of any DC’er I was quite impressed.

I’ll see you again when you return to Plagueis I’m sure.

Ernordeth Puer-Irae - Docent assigned to the Gaming department

I worked with Bubba throughout his tenure as Headmaster. I was the Docent for the Wiki exams for quite a while and he was always communicative with his feedback and suggestions. I created several Novitiate Hall exams and he was there to look them over and give his input. He was extremely helpful and supportive during this time and while I started grading the gaming exams towards the end of last year. He stepped up to the plate to serve the Brotherhood on the Dark Council and never faltered. I admire Bubba greatly for all he's accomplished.

Thank you so much for all you've done for us! It was a fantastic experience working with you!



Congratulations to you!

Thank you all. Your comments mean so much to me. My Sith heart is having many feels :p

Much deserved Dacien!

Wtg Bubba

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