[ACC Event] Coach's Corner: Sign Up Form


[ACC Event] Coach's Corner: Sign Up Form

Coach's Corner

Hello all!

Introducing the next upcoming ACC event! Coach's Corner! This event will be starting on May 25th, 2018, but the sign up form is available now. You will have until May 21st, 2018 to sign up to the form, at which time I will be closing it down to seed the teams.

So, let's get to what exactly this is.

What Is It?

Coach's Corner is a team-based ACC event involving captained teams. Members, using the sign up form, will be seeded into teams and paired to a staff judge. These teams will then be paired against members of the other teams in 1v1 matches. At the same time, the coach will be there to help coordinate efforts within the teams, providing a voice of guidance that will teach their members the best practices within the ACC and helping out with realism questions and ensuring that proofing occurs between the members of their team.

At the end of the event, the team with the most points will come out the winner.

Event Rules

Participation Eligibility

Only members who meet one of the following two criteria are eligible to participate in this event:

  • Less than or equal to 20 matches completed
  • Less than or equal to 1000 Elo

This information is available through your character dossier, under the Activity tab and then the ACC sub-tab. You can petition the Combat Master (that's me) if you feel you should be eligible for the 20 match condition due to excessive matches closed by Timeout.

All participating members must be ACC qualified.


Post Count: 2+2
Match Type: Alternative
Time Limit: 3 days + 1 extension
Max word count: 750
Min word count: 250
Number of matches: Each member to attempt 1 match, can re-enter for more upon completion Venues:

  • Arx: Combat Training Center
  • Godless Matron: Hangar Zerek
  • Kalsunor: Massassi Arena
  • Malachor: Sith Temple Ruins

Win: 2 points
Loss: 1 point
DQ/Time-out: -1 point for the member committing it, 0.5 points per post completed for the remaining member

Ties between teams will be settled by the use of a tie breaker match, using a rep voted on by each tied team.

How To Sign Up

Now that you've read through all the boring bits, you can hop on over to this handy form to complete the sign up process! Good luck out there, and I hope you all get some fun and knowledge out of this.

Thanks for reading,


I have so many questions that will likely be answered as more information comes out so for now Ill sit back with popcorn

Pretty cool

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