ACC: Fading Light Editing


ACC: Fading Light Editing


The ACC Fading Light Tournament has kicked off and things are going exceptionally well. Congratulations to the first series of writers who were able to get their posts in on time.

A question was brought up concerning editing and I wanted to clarify what is and is not acceptable. This is especially important if you use a collaborative editing tool like Google Docs.

  1. An editor can provide grammar and spelling corrections.
  2. An editor can identify structure issues relating to tense, subject/verb relationship, ect.
  3. An editor cannot rewrite sentences for the competitor, but you can suggest the maneuvering of a word or two. This rule is specifically geared at changing the entire structure of the sentence and rewording it.
  4. An editor cannot write new sentences for the competitor.
  5. A competitor can ask an editor to review their paper.
  6. A competitor cannot take an editors suggestions and write them verbatim on an ACC post. The competitor can reword a suggestion, but it must be done in the competitors own words, not the editors.

We support editing and highly encourage everyone to use the Dark Brotherhood's membership to help improve your writing. These rules are not intended to deter people from helping writers and providing edits, but they are intended to avoid situations where an editor completely rewrites a members submission. Use common sense and you will be good to go.

I want to thank you for posting this. I am one that always has to have someone go over my work because I have grammar and spelling troubles. it is nice to see the guild for how to edit. It is wonderful to let every member know that it is OK to ask some one to proof read there writing. Every one no matter how good you are should always have some one read your writing just to make sure that you didn't miss something!

Thanks for the clarification, good to know for the future.

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