ACC: Fading Light Round 2 is Live!


ACC: Fading Light Round 2 is Live!

Hey Everyone,

The ACC Fading Light Tournament round two is live! Combatants will see two forms of matches this round. If you are facing someone from an opposing Clan or House, your match will be standard. For those of you facing your own Clan or House Mates, you have been put in a CO-OP match with a nasty nasty NPC combatant. The write venues are slightly different according to standard and co-op matches. As you check over your match look for:

  1. Are you in the Desert Wasteland? If the venue is wrong, contact James/Kalen/Mav/Sarin.
  2. If you are facing someone from your own House/Clan, but are not in the Co-Op setting (Look for Janni), contact James/Kalen/Mav/Sarin.
  3. Is there a 72 hour window between posts? The default setting is 24 hours and I may have fat fingered it. Contact James/Kalen/Mav/Sarin if it is wrong.

Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy this round. I'll be launching a fiction competition to coincide with this round (no Fading Light credit, but 1st Level Crescents). Look for it soon.

You all seem to be so on top of things even when stuff goes wrong.

Thats because they are the DC. Lets go guys! I'm gonna give you guys hell.

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