ACC: Fading Light, Round 2, To Begin Friday


ACC: Fading Light, Round 2, To Begin Friday

Greetings all!

The Voice and I are currently on schedule to launch the second round of Fading Light tomorrow. We had a total of twenty members earn participation this round, and next round figures to have many more clock in due to the number of byes this round. Many of the battles were a delight to read and hopefully everyone enjoyed the venue. Going forward, we will try to get anyone's Character Sheets approved if they were submitted today (in eastern time), but I can't guarantee anything submitted later than that as being approved before the tournament. Note that if you want to make significant changes, you run the risk of us not having time to go over the CS, so I highly suggest only minor edits.

In addition, the Voice had the great idea of presenting some tips from the first round that might help posters in the second round, as well as in the ACC in general!

Creativity: See Turel, Jac, and Rhiann for different ways to approach a fight. Turel humorously played on Dash's posts and nearly stole a victory. Jac gave a plausible reason for his much weaker opponent to have a fighting chance and made the fight much more interesting. Rhiann used the environment and even her robes as an advantage over an opponent that was nearly her equal in all regards.

Beyond Combat: The ACC is about combat, but that does not mean you can write a story that shows the inner dialogue or motivations of your character. Yacks let out several snippets about his character's personality in his battle and it made his story more interesting.

Resolving the Prompt: When the Venue places your character in a location for a reason, it's a good idea to resolve that reason in your story, where possible. Be creative and flexible with using the prompt.

Writing Mechanics: Be careful about repetitive word choice, repetitive sentence structure, and exceptionally long sentences. Be consistent with naming; if your character has a million names, it can be harder for a reader to follow the action if you switch between them. Your story should be entertaining and easy to read. Avoid the 50 word sentence!

Telaris “Mav” Cantor
Combat Master

..but I love 50 word sentences so much, they just allow me to express myself in so many different ways I never thought possible: you would think I'd get tired of them, but really I don't--so, therefore, we can conclude that if using these types of sentences is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

(Did I do it right?)

this is why you're going to lose next round. :P

I hate me some zealots!

It's perfect, Wally; now just go make sure the rest of the writers from Arcona do it that way as well.

Don't worry Tarax, I'll be sure to get em all out of my bracket >:)

LoL Marick. sad thing is, if I win my battle, I have to face you. and I already penciled that as a loss LOL

Turel humorously played on Dash's posts and nearly stole a victory

Hey now! Doesn't the use of the word "stole" imply that my match had a pre-determined outcome? :P

Good luck to everyone in round 2 and HOU HYPE!

Just read through Turel's match. That was great! :D


I call dibs on Turel's next match :P

Congratulations to all the winners. Good luck in Round 2.

Turel and Dash should have ended in a tie and both have been placed in a triple threat match for the WWE heavyweight champ...... oops, wrong game show here.

Loved the stories of all participants

Wait, so I can't hit my opponent with a steel chair? :P

Only if you bring it or one is available in the venue :P

Brim, you seem to be assuming that Marick beating me is a foregone conclusion. It is, but I still resent it :P

Good luck to everyone in Round 2!

Nah, Marick is poodoo. Screw that guy.


That's if i even make it to next round. I just hope to do half as good as my apprentice Taranae did against jac.

Besides, everyone wants a piece of the big blue smurf

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