ACC Fading Light Tournament


ACC Fading Light Tournament

Greetings everyone,

The ACC Fading Light Tournament has reached the final four! This next round will feature Yacks vs Shad and Timeros vs Halc. All four of these ACC Combatants deserve a special congratulations for making it this far. They have all written great stories and put forth maximum efforts each round. Give them a high five on mIRC.

The Final Four will kick off this weekend. Mav and I have already discussed the venue and are muddling through a few ideas to make things interesting.

Best of luck to the remaining combatants.

Woo! Go Timmy!!

Good luck guys, go Halcy!

Where do I go to bet my secret development credits on these things? :p .. go uhm... Shad!

Uuuh...go Yacks? Don't want him to feel bad and left out.

good luck to all the participants still know who you are...special little snowflakes all of you.

Fuck Yacks, that guy is a jerk.

Go Pravus! You mark those battles with a confidence my friend! Ignore these wusses and their banners, you're the true hero!


Congrats to Yacks, Halc, and Shad on making it this far.

Timm-y, Timm-y, Timm-y!

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