ACC: Judge positions open for applications


ACC: Judge positions open for applications

Greetings all!

Today, the Voice and I are opening applications for several ACC: Judge positions. As a judge in the ACC, you will be a member of a team tasked with ensuring the efficient running of one of the DB’s most unique features.

We are looking for qualified applicants with an emphasis on assembling a diverse staff of members from across the Brotherhood. General judge duties include grading and providing feedback for ACC qualification exams, grading and providing feedback for ACC matches, and providing feedback when requested on various ACC and judging related matters during staff discussions. You must enough free time to devote to grading matches or tests on a weekly basis. Past experience is always welcome, such as judging in the ACC or fiction, but is not a requirement. You should have a strong grasp on the English language, but nobody is expecting perfect grammar.

We have only two hard requirements for the position:

  • Several hours a week to devote to the ACC (Some weeks will be busier than others)
  • Qualified for the ACC

Please apply by email. Your application should contain why you think you’d be a good judge, including any past experience judging fiction or in past iterations of the ACC. Familiarity with the various CS/ACC documents is highly encouraged, as well.

Applications will be open for the next week or so. Given that ACC: Fading Light is ongoing, we understand applications may not be terribly extensive for active participants. We are looking for 2-4 qualified applicants from around the club.

Telaris “Mav” Cantor
Combat Master

choo-choo-choose me plz.


d9. Pick me! :D

voluntells Mav to appoint Tarax

I will volunteer, only if by getting the job I immediately am awarded a +5 to every stat ever. Especially armour.

That's a titanic waste of stats, especially since armour isn't a real thing.

Applying :D

Armor isn't real?

Damn it!

Yo, assistant, call the Kessel Mining Corporation and cancel my order for cortorsis for that full body condom I was going to make


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