ACC: Transition


ACC: Transition

Greetings all,

Since I became Grand Master, I've been in discussion with many people about the ACC. I personally find great potential in it and want to see it thrive and have never for a minute even considered closing it. Nothing is without its issues and we can work on them, but it's finding the right person to tackle the timeouts and wasted time on matches that never reach conclusion, and the learning curve to have the best experience as a participant.

With Turel focusing so much of his attention on Clan Odan-Urr as Proconsul, he will be stepping down to put his full attention towards that leaving open the role of Combat Master. I thought about a call for applications with ideas and thoughts, but a few previous conversations stuck in my mind I've had with people about the mixed communications between the Voice and ACC staff and confusions it causes. Debates on who reports to who, and roles and responsibilities. I've asked Idris Adenn (Xen) to step up as Combat Master in the interim while we try and solve this. I hope to work with him in the coming months to help clean up communications and shape a great member experience with the ACC, before opening the role up for applications later this year.

I want to thank Turel for his great work as Combat Master and wish him the best of success in his Clan.


Thanks for your efforts, Turel!

My condolences, Iddy.


Thank you, Turel for all your hard work!

Thanks for all you've done, Turel. I'd say you'll be teaching us how to say goodbye, except you'll still be PCON in COU. Cheers!

I thought society leaders reported to the DGM?

I look forward to seeing more ACC matches. Blood for the blood gods!

Thanks for all of your hard work, Turel. I'm really looking forward to the evolution of the office of CM and the ACC going forward.

Thanks for your work in the ACC Turel. Looking forward to seeing what Idris does with the ACC moving forward.

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