ACC Update: 'Guests' of The Matron Sign-ups


ACC Update: 'Guests' of The Matron Sign-ups

This is just a small announcement pertaining to the ongoing 'Guests' of the Matron event in the Combat Center. We've already gone through several matchs over here and I have to say that you all are creating some interesting matches. That's great to see, and I hope that some of the momentum from this conversation will have staying power in the form of increased casual use of the Antei Combat Center.

A Combat Master can dream, okay?!

Anyhow, for those keeping track at home, this is the final week to sign up for matches. We're two weeks into the four week event. As outlined in the beginning, the fourth and final week would be a "no fly zone" in regards to new match sign ups. However, we would like to give everyone a chance to get in that "one last match". As such, starting from the moment this post is live and your eyes have reached right about here, we will allow for one additional queue entry for all members that are currently in a match.

That's right! We are adjusting the no simultaneous matches rule for this final stretch to give everyone a chance. That means you may have two matches, more or less. This is a chance to get your name back in the queue and have a match started before the final week.

Before you jump in, however, keep in mind that all matches will be closed at the end of the event regardless of how many posts have been made. In the case of an unfinished match, partial points will be awarded. Keep that in mind, and the risks involved with a Timeout, when deciding if you want to put your name back in the hat.

Sign up for more matches here!



  • Everyone can sign up for one additional match, regardless of current match status, this week only
  • Queue closes next Monday
  • Partial points awarded to closed matches
  • Be wary of Timeouts! These cost you points!

Hope you guys continue having fun out there, and we look forward to judging more matches in the coming days!

Thanks for reading,


sneaks into the queue again

Thank goodness :p


That is definitely good to know. Fun as it has been writing with Rhode, I was hoping to have Tarvitz face down more than one person in this event.

Well, be quite horribly killed would probably be more accurate given the difference in skills, but the point remains the same.

Waiting for my assignment

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