[AFoC] Official Event Fiction, Part One


[AFoC] Official Event Fiction, Part One

Attention, Plagueis and Vizsla! It is with great pleasure that Wrathus and I present you Part One of the official event fiction for A Fistful of Credits, our feud which has recently gotten underway. Special thanks to Appius Wight and the members of Deathwatch for being a part of this first chapter. Click the link here to be taken to the fiction.

Meanwhile, our run-on event, "Clash on Zsoldos," has officially begun! Each clan's members can choose from two story options - click here for more details. Members of Plagueis have been running sign-ups and appointing "RO captains" to help start things off; Vizsla, we look forward to seeing your run-ons as well.

Good luck, and happy feudin'!

Dew It!


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