AMENDED RESULTS: A Fistful of Credits


AMENDED RESULTS: A Fistful of Credits

Lovelies...we done goofed.

We didn't want to, but we did. We thought we had it squared away. Placements were good. Champions of the feud, accurate. However, when you don't scour the results adequately, things - or people - slip through the cracks.

We had a handful of members outside Plagueis and Vizsla attempt to participate in the Plagueis-Vizsla only feud. We had hoped to invalidate all of these outside members' submissions, and we did...all but one. That one member from an outside clan skewed an otherwise incredibly close victory for Vizsla, and I fortunately caught that last night.

This does mean that the results have changed. With the outside member's removal from the participation list comes a deduction in three participation points to Vizsla. Which brings us to the following new final scores below:

PLAGUEIS: 163.55


This does mean that the razor thin victory now shifts to Plagueis.

However, everything else remains the same. The placements are accurate. The champions of the feud will not change. The closing fiction will proceed as planned, and the ship wager is still canceled. This is to ensure that everything remains balanced given how close the results remain.

I want to wholeheartedly apologize for this mistake. I especially apologize to Vizsla, as this is essentially like handing you a present and then yanking it away. This participant should have never been counted toward Vizsla's participation. It's heartbreaking. It stings. A lot of you are going to be pissed off. I don't blame you. But ultimately, you still brought it. You kept Plagueis on its toes, and you made it a very, very close match. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Vizsla as it becomes more grounded in the Brotherhood and its lore.

This sort of screw-up can even be considered a fireable offense, as it's happened on levels from feuds to GJWs. It is our job as organizers to catch these mistakes before they make a difference in results; we failed on that. We should have done better. We will do better.

Congratulations again to Plagueis and Vizsla for a hard-fought feud.

~ Ronovi


Derps happen.

Mistakes happen. We are only human after all. :)

Ok, who let Steve Harvey make the announcements of the winner? Ban him from being host at these pageants. Lol

Not enough stares into the camera, Brimstone.

Good job on catching the mistake and owning it and making it right. Glad it wasn't as drastic a change.

It's a credit to both clans that this was so close. While it's regrettable a mistake was made, I can't fault the way the situation was dealt with and everyone should be proud of themselves and their clans for how this event turned out.

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