Announcement: New NPC Slot Added at JM4


Announcement: New NPC Slot Added at JM4

New NPC Slot

All DJB members now have access to an NPC character slot as early as JM4.

  • Cost: This character slot will unlock for free immediately upon promotion to the rank of JM4
  • Rank: The character slot will unlock at 3 ranks lower than the member. So it will unlock at JM1 and gain 1 rank along with the member upon promotion. However, the maximum rank on this new slot is JM4, so the character slot will stop going up in rank once it reaches JM4.

It's been some time since NPCs were enabled for members, and after reviewing the accessibility of these characters, it was concluded that they should be available earlier for members. So a proposal was pulled together to make a change. This gives full exposure to the entire functionality of the brotherhood systems including NPCs at the rank of JM4 where full experience should be available.

The free cost ensures no additional strain on the available credits to members otherwise, aside from any items equipped into a loadout for the NPC. While the far lower rank keeps a focus on the main character and capping at JM4 ensures that at EQ4 and higher ranks this new 4th slot doesn't impact the balance provided by the already existing 3 NPC slots available.

Awesome, free stuff! I smell a permanent apprentice NPC that just can't seem to get promoted due to "life".

Well, this is an unexpected but very welcome development. Thank you indeed for adding this to character profiles, I will certainly be making use of this.

This is nice. I'm trying to personally find a way to properly utilize NPCs, and to have another one, even if it is just to mess around with, is good.

I was wondering if it was ever debated to putting the first NPC slot down to JM4 over creating a new one?

Awesome! Any chance we could get to use any of our slots for the ACC, aside from the one toggleable one? I would love to use my new alt in the ACC without having to do the "NPC slot tetris shuffle."

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