Another SA Update Because You Love Them


Another SA Update Because You Love Them

Another short SA update (still not a report):

  • The CORE exams have been updated and should now bear a passing resemblance to the course notes (which are being audited) :P
  • Aabs the Destroyer has adjusted the point allocations for the History IV exam to better reflect the level of effort required
  • Meleu Karthdo has been hired as Magistrate to the Headmaster. His mission, which he has already accepted, is to coordinate the scary audit of all SA courses. It's a doozy. As mentioned above, the CORE exams are already being audited. More on the audit in my first report, which has not happened yet.

That's all the news in my brain right now. More to come!

since the boss forgot to add some fun to that update:

Did someone mention audit ?

Ruh-roh shaggy

Sa becoming IRS

Hey Bubba, any chance in future a degree being made for the core exams, especially since there are tons of them?

Just a suggestion

Philosophy (MVPH)
Sith Core Krath Core Obelisk Core Force Philosophy I


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