Applicants Wanted: ACC Judge


Applicants Wanted: ACC Judge

Minions of various origins!

Thanadd Mawgath had to make the ever present choice between the obligations of the life that is real and his roles here in the Brotherhood. Naturally, real life won out and I wish him the best in his efforts from here on out. I'm sad to see one of my newer judges head out the door. What will be especially missed was his enthusiasm.

I wanted to give it some time, what with all the other openings right now, but I can only put it off so long! So, here we are! I am now taking applications for Judge within the Antei Combat Center.

For members interested in applying, the following is a list of requirements you'll need to address:


  • Grading and providing constructive feedback in ACC Matches.
  • Grading ACC Qualification Exams.
  • Keeping up to date with the ACC Rubric, Guideline, and Policy adjustments.
  • Assisting the Combat Master with projects.
  • Contribute input to discussions on the CS Mechanics, additions, and revisions.

Required Qualifications

  • ACC Qualified
  • Passed (100%): ACC Combat Studies Exam
  • Strong command of English language, writing and grammar
  • Experience as a proofreader.
  • Keen eye and attention to details.
  • An example of one ACC match you have participated in that you feel shows your understanding of the systems you'd be judging

New Judges will go through the same training that all previous judges have:

  • You will co-grade 2 matches with the Combat Master.
  • You will co-grade 2 ACC Qualification Exams with the Combat Master.

All applications are to be sent to the Combat Master ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) with the following in their subject: [ACC:J App]

I will be filtering e-mails based on the above, so if you don't want it lost in the aether I recommend using it. Final selection will be made by Saturday, September 23rd at the latest, with the Combat Master reserving the right to select early. Good luck to all those who apply.

Thanks for the kindness, Atra. You and the staff were exceptionally supportive and I feel lucky to have been part of your team. Good luck to all applicants - it is definitely worth it!

One of the very best experiences I've had here at the DJB was working as an ACC judge. I encourage anyone who wants to learn the Character sheets and the rules to jump on this occasion!

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