Applications Open for LHoJ for the 2021 CoJ Term


Applications Open for LHoJ for the 2021 CoJ Term

Hello all,

The current term for the Chamber of Justice ends this February, however, Dracaryis has opted to step down prior to the end of his term for personal reasons. To begin with, I would like to thank him for his service both past and present in addition to the steadfast presence he has been for me.

For that reason, I am opening the position of Left Hand of Justice for applications. As has been done before, I will be accepting applications only via the CoJ application form. As it is an important position for the operation of my office, I will only be keeping applications open for one week, from now until Saturday, May 29th. You can find the position descriptions on the CoJ Wiki page. I, as Bubba has before, encourage you to take Basic Covenant Studies if you haven't already.

There are no rank or experience requirements. My decision will be based on who I think is the best person for the job and no other factors.

Please note, aside from the LHoJ serving as defense counsel during trial, they are not as involved as the Right Hand is when it comes to processing potential clone notices. Additionally, as this is a mid-term hiring, it will still be coming to an end alongside the existing positions.

If you’re at all interested in serving in the Chamber and can commit to holding the position for the remainder of the year, please apply!

Thank you.

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