Applications Open for Taldryan Proconsul


Applications Open for Taldryan Proconsul

PCON Posting Announcement

After an unexpected delay due to RL, I am now opening applications for the position of Taldryan Proconsul. Thanks again to Zxyl for his service in the role.

You can find the general expectations around the Proconsul position on the position’s Wiki page. In a day-to-day sense, the Taldryan Proconsul will be responsible for a mixture of running Clan-wide activities, overseeing and contributing to Summit projects like Wiki updates and the fiction anthology, administrative duties like quarterly awards reviews, and whatever other tasks are necessary to keep Taldryan running smoothly.

In addition to looking after the Clan in the present, I expect the Proconsul to be able to turn an eye to the future. Applicants will have to provide details of how they would address issues within Taldryan. They will also hold a seat in the Taldryan Story Group that steers the Clan’s fictional direction. One of my biggest priorities for 2021 will be training new leaders who can take the reins in the future, and whoever I select as Proconsul will have a large role in that training.

Because of the greater responsibilities placed on this position, the qualifications I’m looking for are significantly higher. Applicants will have to show the following:

  • Leadership experience at a House Summit level (QUA, AED, independent BTL), or equivalent RL experience.
  • Proven ability to maintain good relationships with a wide variety of members, both within and outside Taldryan.
  • Experience in training other members is strongly preferred.
  • 48h response time via e-mail and/or Telegram.

Applications will be open until site reset on Sunday, December 27. To apply, please fill out this Google Form. Good luck!


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