Applications Open for the 2020 CoJ Term


Applications Open for the 2020 CoJ Term

The current term for the Chamber of Justice ends on February 26. I'd like to thank Turel, Farrin, Atra, Koji, and Julius Caesar for their service over the past year. I also want to thank Aldaric for stepping in at the last minute as a temporary replacement member of the Appeals Panel. It's rare that the panel is called upon, but it happened during this term and I was very happy with the quick and thoughtful work of its members.

I have five staff positions that need filling: two Hands and three Appeals Panel members. As I have done before, I'll be accepting applications only via a survey handcrafted by local Sith artisans. I am accepting applications for a little over two weeks, from now until Saturday, Feb. 15. Feel free to apply for all five jobs or for none: the choice is yours! You can find the position descriptions on the CoJ Wiki page.

There are no rank or experience requirements. I will try to select members from broad range of clans to fill these slots, but, especially for the Hands, my decision will be based on who I think is the best person for each job.

One note I will make is that, aside from the RHoJ serving as prosecutor and LHoJ as defense counsel during trial, the day-to-day administrative work of the jobs differs in one key way: the Right Hand is primarily responsible for processing potential clone notices, including contacting relevant members and keeping our tracking database updated. It’s usually not a heavy lift, but it’s very important and time sensitive.

If you’re at all interested in serving in the Chamber and can commit to holding one of the positions for a year, please apply!

Operating on the Appeals Panel was a wonderful and rare experience. I recommend going for it even if you end up with a quiet term.

Fine. I’ll play your game with your special web based application.

Think of it as a flash game where the reward for winning is getting to read and write a lot.

good luck

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