Applications open: M:DGM


Applications open: M:DGM

Greetings programs,

Mav and I have discussed at length the most concerning issues troubling our Club. One of those issues seems to be active recruitment and retention of new members. Many of our most active members have been recruited, one way or another, from various like-minded websites, be they Star Wars fan forums or fiction/gaming clans or groups. Whereas the Social Media Tribune position would take on the majority of our marketing on social media sites, we agreed that we need someone to work with us on more active, down-to-earth engagement with the outside folk that the Social Media Tribune just couldn't be asked to manage due to the time required.

With that in mind, the Deputy Grand Master's office will be accepting applications for the position of Magistrate. The Magistrate will be involved with the offices of GM, DGM, Herald and Social Media Tribune and will develop strategies and methods of active, meaningful recruitment for the Club as a whole. This will include communicating and engaging with outside websites and services (art, gaming, fiction, and miscellaneous communities/forums/websites). While the work will be closely related to the Social Media Tribune's job, as much as possible, we will make sure it does not overlap.

Applications will be accepted until Friday the 27th of April.

What are we looking for?

  • The candidate must have a history of leadership in the club, a clear idea of what recruitment means for the Club and at least some idea on how to approach this tough subject

  • Willingness to engage strangers in conversations and responsibly represent the Club in all situations

  • 24-hour mail turn around

  • A Telegram connection for ease of communication

Send all applications via mail to Mav and me.

Yo, I don’t have telegram, but if nobody else is willing to take the job, then I will.

@Kadrol: If you're interested, make sure to send Mav and me an application with your ideas :)

Also @Kadrol Telegram can be run in desktop browser without downloading anything, or on any mobile device. It's a great way of getting to know members of the club better :)

Oh, that’s great!

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