Arcona Consul Applications Open


Arcona Consul Applications Open

Hello all,

Just a quick news post to announce a short application period for Consul of Arcona. Lucine Vasano has been the Consul for nearly two years now and has done an incredible job with the Clan. Her steady leadership and dedication will be missed in the role, and I wish her all the best. Thank you Lucine for all your hard work.

If you are interested in applying, send an application to the DGM and me by August 5th, next Thursday.

There is no minimum rank to apply, but leadership within a Clan at some level is incredibly helpful to prepare someone to be the leader of the entire Clan making decisions and setting policy that impacts how it operates. Experience with Arcona is a huge plus, an understanding of the Clan and its history and story. In your application, focus on the responsibilities of a Consul, and just explain what type of leader you'd be and what your approach would be to leading the Clan. I know it's a short application window but in talking to Lucine the Clan has great leaders already who are prepared to step up. I want to see what those leaders have to say without appointing them directly and review their plans.

If you have any specific questions about applying for the role please reach out to me or the DGM.

Evant / Darth Nehalem

Thank you Lucine for all your service of a strong competitor and friendly Clan! I look forward to seeing the next stage of Arcona leadership!

Many thanks, Lucine, for your time as Consul. It was always a pleasure to work with you where we overlapped on things like member recognition and the like while I was Herald. Also, retiring on top? Well played! :)

Proud. As. Hell.

We shall forever hold a flame for our Fire Lady.

It’s been wonderful joining under your rule, will miss your leadership greatly Lucine!!

May the flames of your rule never falter Lady Lucine and my the burn ever brighter on your new adventures

While others worship the ashes, you tended to the flame. <3

Aww man, now who am I going to plot a coup against?

As someone who only got to see the finale of your reign as Consul.....You're one of the good ones!

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