Argh: ACC Fading Light Delayed


Argh: ACC Fading Light Delayed

Hey all,

Mav and I just attempted to create the battles for round 2 of the ACC and we are encountering an error. This is timed with the perfect storm of Kalen handling real life business and James sleeping. We will get the event started as soon as we figure out why battles are not generating. I don't expect more than a 24 hour delay. Our apologies.

See what happens when you sleep on the job?

The channel coast is socked in with rain and fog, high winds on the drop zone?

I'm a sad panda...just like howie!

People need sleep. :P We'll hold out yet.

(No jump tonight!)

Looks like a bug snuck through all that beta testing

Ok who let jar jar into the control room?

Everything must happen on a Sunday.

It happens! Hope you guys get it running without any more bugs.

I <3 Tarax

If things get real bad, instead of days finding the bugs or whatever the problem is, can't we set up the brackets and kind of manually set up the match? I don't know Sith about the workings and sorcery going on behind the scenes, just bringing up possible alternatives. I want my ACC. [Remember the old MTV slogan?...]

chirp chirp

Bug should(tm) be fixed, so as soon as Mav or Sarin wake up, we should be able to set up the battles :)

Matches Going Up Now

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