Awarding our Grand Master


Awarding our Grand Master

Dark Jedi Brotherhood,

I am honored to announce the awarding of the Diamond Sword to Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor. The Star Chamber, JST, and DGM were honored to write this award and provide Mav with a token of our gratitude. The sitting Grand Master is a job that only four members have known since 2003 and it is a task that is difficult, time consuming, and a test of human patience/endurance (:p). Mav has handled the task with skill and has been a credit to the office he resides in.

Congrats Mav.

1. Mav is the second member in the Dark Brotherhood's history to earn a second Diamond Sword. He joins Grand Master Ashen in this unique category.
2. Only 22 total Diamond Swords have been awarded in our club's history.
3. Only 5 of the 20 members with Diamond Swords were Grand Masters.
4. Average number of Diamond Swords (per member of the Brotherhood): 0.002
5. Award recommendation: Read the Award

Congrats Buddy!

Congratulations Mav!

Congrats Mav! Well earned.

Congrats, boss.


Congrats, Mav!

Congrats! Job well done.

Well deserved, Mav!

Congratulations and well done, Mav!

great job Master

Congratulations Mav!

Congratulations on the shiny!

Thanks, all! The kind words are greatly appreciated.


'Diamonds are a Mavs best friend'... or something like that...

Congratulations Mav, you have been an incredible influence on our club and this is truly well-deserved. Keep up the great work!!

Congrats Mav!!!!!!

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