AWOL Check


AWOL Check

As the Fading Light event approaches, it's about time for another AWOL check, since participation ratios are going to be a factor in the calculations somehow. Just don't ask me about that. I'm pretty sure Raken will be releasing the details shortly.

In any event, I've just sent out the warning emails for an AWOL Check to anyone who has not logged into the site over the past month. If you would like to stay in your House/Clan and received one of those emails, please log into the site and you'll be fine.

Yay. Can we get a posting of AWOL numbers when all is said and done?

Yeehaww. Spring cleaning.

I feel for the sake of discussion that I should ask this here: What is the issue with either rolling 30 day AWOLs (if you don't log in in 30 days, you're out) or allowing clouses to run their own AWOL checks?

Mark: Allowing clans to run their own AWOL checks? Sounds good to me.

As for the first part? I think part of it is a coding limitation - as in it isn't written yet. The second part though? The site is not god. A lot of regular members have no need to log into the site on a regular basis and they are still (under every meaning of the word) active. No admin functions? No real need to log into the site. It's a good first test (because it's all nice and automated) - but it cannot be the only determinant of whether or not somebody is active.

As for automating the AWOL check, it is a work in progress. I've been sidetracked for a while due to various out-of-town business trips I've had to take, conferences I've had to attend, along with the whole work/family/children thing, and now I'm also moving at the end of this month.

So...yes, we want to automate this so that it will occur on a regular fixed schedule. It's just going to take some time to get there.

As far as clouses running AWOL checks themselves, this has been discussed at length on various email threads, and ultimately the decision came from The Muz: running AWOL checks is a DB-wide thing.

I think as long as the same rules about activity and logging into the site apply to every one (members of clans, the Dark Council, and staff assistants) once that automated rolling system comes into place, I can live with it.

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