AWOL Check


AWOL Check

The latest AWOL check has been completed.

116 Members were sent the AWOL warning email last week. Of those 77 were transferred to the Rogues as they had not logged into the site since then.

I know I sent out reports on my bt to get them involved. Have to check who got cut

Can we get a by unit break down?

What howie said!

Below is the unit breakdown for this AWOL check:

Clan Arcona

  • 12 members transferred to Rogues
  • 65 members remaining

Clan Naga Sadow

  • 16 members transferred to Rogues
  • 36 members remaining
  • CNS has fallen below the minimum Clan threshold of 40 members, and in accordance with the Clan, House, and Independent House Guidelines, has 6 months from this date to to establish a roster above that threshold or be converted to a House.

House Odan-Urr

  • 14 members transferred to Rogues
  • 48 members remaining

Clan Plagueis

  • 13 members transferred to Rogues
  • 43 members remaining

House Scholae Palatinae

  • 7 members transferred to Rogues
  • 29 members remaining

Clan Taldryan

  • 10 members transferred to Rogues
  • 44 members remaining

House Tarentum

  • 5 members transferred to Rogues
  • 23 members remaining

Stats and stuff.

Algebraic! Thank you Kalen for the execution of this!

That'll do, roster bot. That'll do.

Only 77. Not too bad. Good job, killers.

48, huh. Nice stats. Thanks, Kalen!

Pew pew pew.

Hmm, wondering if the site keeps numbers of members per unit somewhere. Could be a fun graphical stat to plot tbh.


According to the unit guidelines page HOU needs an elder to become a clan...hmmmm

House Odan-Urr to Clan Odan-Urr in three easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Kidnap a dark side elder and throw some Jedi robes on him.

  • Step 2 - Keep said elder drugged up and wheel him out "Weekend at Bernie's" style long enough to convince the MAA and DC that HOU meets clan requirements

  • Step 3 - Profit! :)

I think Sarin just volunteered to be the first lightie Grand Master

Done, I have white robes. Have Liam step down temporarily, we have Muz appoint me as acting QUA, I submit the proposal, clanned, I give Liam his job back. Too easy.

Although Muz might not see it that way :p

Weekend at Barneys*

Love you too, Pravus. :P

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