Chamber of Justice - Confession to Charges in Case No. 58, DB vs. Arvalis Raith


Chamber of Justice - Confession to Charges in Case No. 58, DB vs. Arvalis Raith

Members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood -

The Chamber of Justice has convened and issued a verdict in the pending case of DB v. Arvalis Raith. The case involved two charges of plagiarism and two charges of cheating. The Chamber has worked with the member towards obtaining a confession to the charges as permitted by the Covenant. A detailed confession statement and Justicar Opinion for the case can be found in the PDF file linked below. Please note that the written opinion is generally found on the page after announcement of the verdict. I have taken some time to write a detailed account of how confessions work in the CoJ under the revised Covenant as this is the first chance we've had to put it to use. Please familiarize yourself with the process.

The confessed verdict was as follows:

Case #058 - DB v. Arvalis Raith - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Plagiarism - Guilty Confession
  • Count 2 - Cheating - Guilty Confession
  • Punishment: Letter of Reprimand; Strict Probation for 3 months followed by 3 months General Probation; Disqualification from Art 4 Arx competitions; Ban on placement in graphics competitions for 3 months (may still participate).

Comments on CoJ posts are left open for positive comments and words of encouragement to a member that has just gone through this hard process. Please be kind.

Signed and sealed in Justice,

Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin

Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

What he did was wrong. However, I hope this doesn't dissuade him from future participation. People learn from their mistakes and can benefit from such lessons.

Aye. I am hoping this proves to be just one misstep in an increasingly great DB career.

We all do foolish things. When I first joined this club I was the same, doing anything for attention and validation. Unfortunately that stuck with me as my reputation for the past decade, so hopefully Raith doesn't have to go through the same treatment. People make mistakes and when you're the new guy in a new club, it's hard trying to break into one of the many "cliques". Especially if you're a young person.

If I could say anything to Raith, I would tell him just to be himself. Don't say or promise anything that's beyond your capabilities. Just do what you can and have fun. That's what it's all about after all. Good luck man and if you ever need to talk, I'm here.

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